The government announced on Monday, 13, a new line for financing houses at lower interest rates exclusively for police and firefighters, the support base of President Jair Bolsonaro. The new program, called Habite Seguro, will already receive R$ 100 million this year from the National Public Security Fund.

The advantageous conditions, which include a discount on the loan contracting value and on the down payment to qualify for the loan, will not be extended to other categories. Private sector workers, for example, will not be able to finance their homes with the same subsidy given to security professionals.

Categories such as federal and federal highway police, military firefighters and prison officers, as well as municipal guards, will be covered. The line also benefits retirees. “We understand that it can indeed reach a large part of this security force, who are risking their lives in defense of our lives and our heritage”, said Bolsonaro.

Meanwhile, a year after its launch, the Casa Verde e Amarela program (a substitute for Minha Casa Minha Vida) has not yet taken off. The delivery of new homes is below the average of recent years, and so far, no housing has been regularized or remodeled. The amount of the subsidy destined to security professionals until the end of the year corresponds to 25% of the total of R$ 400 million that exist today in the 2021 Budget for the range 1 of Casa Verde e Amarela, aimed at families with monthly income of up to R$ 2 thousand.

The Ministry of Regional Development (MDR) has warned of the risk of paralysis in the works and is asking for an additional R$ 800 million to ensure contracts already in progress, but this has not yet been met.

To lessen the criticism that a specific group would be benefiting with budget resources, the president of Caixa, Pedro Guimarães, anticipated that on Thursday he would announce the reduction of interest rates for real estate financing in general, but did not give further details about the fall.

According to the bank, which will operate in the operation of the new housing program, they will be entitled to Habite Seguro public security servants and pensioners with monthly income of up to R$ 7,000, who do not have their own property and who want to finance a property valued at up to R$ 300 thousand.

The bank claims that the subsidy can reach R$ 2,100 for the contracting fee and R$ 12 thousand for the property’s down payment. The amounts can be added to the subsidies of the Casa Verde e Amarela program. It will be possible to finance up to 90% of the property’s value and 100% in the case of properties owned by the bank itself (taken from other operations in which there was default).

As a provisional measure (MP), the new line goes into effect now, but needs to be approved within 120 days by the National Congress.

The information is from the newspaper The State of São Paulo.

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